Review of 2016

It’s that time of year again; the time when we reflect on the ups and downs of the previous year.  You’ll notice Candi’s Dog have left it almost to the last minute, not the 12th December when Spotify gave me my music listening stats of 2016 or the tragically premature TV programme I watched before Christmas detailing the music industry deaths of the year.  We like to be precise.  What does actually happen to my music stats for the rest of December, do they get added to 2017 or do they disappear into a kind of statistical purgatory?  I dread to think.  So assuming nothing momentous happens in the world of Candi’s Dog in the next 12 hours, this is our review of 2016.

For a start Candi’s Dog released not one, not three but two EPs in 2016, Trees and A Light Has Gone Out, both of which are available here in our January sale for just £4.  Both have allowed us to develop our songs way beyond what the three of us can do live, with extra instruments, vocal harmonies and percussion and we’re really proud of the results.  Special thanks to Rob Waters of Sessions Newcastle for mixing and mastering A Light Has Gone Out, and who brought much needed technical expertise and a fresh pair of ears.  By using him we also avoided countless petty arguments about whether the guitar/bass/drums was too loud, leaving us free to thrash out weightier matters such as whether it is acceptable for a grown man to watch Once Upon A Time.

Leeds Varieties – Lots of red velvet and gold leaf.

We’ve played some fantastic venues for the first time, Leeds Varieties Theatre, Epstein Theatre in Liverpool, Cheese and Grain in Frome to name just a few.  We also checked in on some old friends at Tropic at Ruislip, The Musician, Leicester and Greystones, Sheffield; great to see people coming back to see us time and again.  We will be announcing some new tour dates for 2017 very soon.

Some of our best shows of 2016 were supporting The Sons of Pitches, who as well as being some of the friendliest people we’ve met on our travels have the most amazing vocal arrangements that need to be heard to be believed.  We’ve been lucky to also support Blackbeard’s Tea Party, a contemporary folk-rock band who are well worth checking out and whose lively shows we’ve been delighted to be a part of.

Candi’s Dog are a bit obsessed with food, and if you listened in to our conversations you’d be forgiven for thinking our live shows were just an inconvenience before we got to the main event; the takeaway.  Needless to say we eat a lot of rubbish whilst we’re away, but luckily some venues put food on for us.  Thanks to Norwich Arts Centre for an amazing vegetable chilli and Cheltenham Town Hall for the vegetable lasagne.  As with many bands on the road we rely on stimulants to get us through the long hours of travelling and gigging and our first port of call after the venue is always the nearest tea rooms.  Huffkins in Cheltenham has to be the best of the bunch for fantastic cuppas, good food and most of all for putting up with Stephen’s extreme indecision and Daniel’s highly specific scone temperature requirements.  We sneakily recorded part of our music video for A Light Has Gone Out here as well, which we’ll be putting on our YouTube channel very soon.

Nick Harper at The Old Cinema Launderette, Durham

A member of Candi’s Dog began the year with a beard, but has controversially ended it without one.
Candi’s Dog briefly became a four piece band with new member Nick Harper playing the soap packet.  See here
Candi’s Dog met Sandy’s Dog in Ruislip, their first canine follower.

Candi’s Dog with Sandy’s Dog

Thanks to all of our friends for making 2016 such a good year.  Rest assured we will be do our best to avoid doing anything noteworthy in the next 12 hours or so.  Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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