We hope you’ll make your own mind up about Candi’s Dog, but if you want to know what others have said, have a look below:

“Candi’s Dog are a three piece band with a folksy-rock feel. It’s not often you’ll see a band sporting a melodica on stage or an acoustic base or a kazoo, let alone the three together, but these guys make it work.  The three men are quite talented, their songs have a catchy quality with thoughtful lyrics, to my mind they were a little mix up between the kind of music played by Bright Eyes and the lyrical quality of Ed Sheeran.

The final song they played, Crossing the Line, is probably their best song and if you decide to check them out, this is the one I’d recommend to start with, particularly if you fancy hearing a frankly epic kazoo solo.  Criminally, not everyone who came to the overall gig went in to listen to this support act, those who didn’t missed out on a great show. If you have £3 to spare, get their download, it will be £3 well spent and you might discover a new band who you’ll come to love.”
10th December 2015 IGNITION RADIO

“Tonight was a triple treat as we had a starter of Candi’s Dog, a threesome rather like a folk pop, more mature version of Bros with much better songs. I mean, these are really good songs, they have that vaguely familiar feel that makes them part of your mental soundtrack very easily. Harmonies with a touch of the Crowded House/Del Amitri but a bit more here and now. We purchased the EP CD as this is definitely something you want in your car, well I do.”
17th October 2014 JOWHERETOGO, Full review at

“The delightful surprise of the evening was Newcastle’s Candi’s Dog, a guitar, bass and percussion trio, who performed their inventively structured songs with panache and humour. It’s a long time since I heard a kazoo solo! Stephen Justice’s voice has a fine range and tuning and he was ably supported by his fellow band members. Look out for their first album, due out over the summer.”
3rd July 2014 THE JOURNAL, Full review at




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