Review of 2016

It’s that time of year again; the time when we reflect on the ups and downs of the previous year.  You’ll notice Candi’s Dog have left it almost to the last minute, not the 12th December when Spotify gave me my music listening stats of 2016 or the tragically premature TV programme I watched beforeContinue reading “Review of 2016”

Money, Money, Money

With the close of the financial year looming, I will soon be mired in the tedium of working out how much we have earned from our music. My feelings on completion of this task can be summed up in two questions: “Is that all we earned?” “Why do we even bother?” I’m reminded of aContinue reading “Money, Money, Money”

Our New EP and the Mangled Spuggie

Right, first things first let’s get this out of the way: We promised you an album in August and have given you and EP in October; what’s that all about? Well, we could say ‘what you going to do, sue us?’, but with several wives, children and tea merchants dependent upon us for financial supportContinue reading “Our New EP and the Mangled Spuggie”

A Place in the Song: Home or Away?

I had the misfortune to be ill recently; nothing serious, but enough to confine me to the house. As the saying goes the devil makes work for idle hands, and I found my hands had switched on daytime TV and selected A Place in the Sun: Home or Away from the assorted trash on offer.Continue reading “A Place in the Song: Home or Away?”

Tea: the Candi’s Dog guide

Candi’s Dog do like a nice cup of tea*. When Stephen first met Matthew and Daniel, however, he was not a tea drinker, living a clean life free of mind altering substances. The others however, urged him to try it out, promising that it would expand his mind and open up new musical possibilities. TheContinue reading “Tea: the Candi’s Dog guide”