About us

Candi’s Dog are Daniel, Matthew and Stephen a trio from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK who love playing music and drinking tea.  Candi’s Dog can be seen performing around the UK, but welcome requests to perform anywhere accessible by modern transport methods.  We blog regularly on all manner of topics loosely related to what we do.  We’d like you to like us on facebook, listen to us witter on twitter, and follow us on this website.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Great blog. V interested to hear the pros and cons of the spelling of Candi’s dog and am now convinced that the right decision was made. Not quite so sure that Jennifer Aniston is a GREAT actress though she is good at what she does.


    1. Thanks David, pleased you’re enjoying the blog and that you approve of the name. It makes the months of constant argument almost worthwhile! As for the Jennifer Aniston point, I’m sure that particular disagreement will run and run in Candi’s Dog.

      Feel free to follow us for regular updates!


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