I Think A Change Would Do You Good

I’m not proud of it, but on the occasions when I am bored and alone in the house I find myself reaching for the TV remote and searching for those channels I would never usually watch.  The ones with a slightly hazy picture, low production values and whose content is largely home makeover shows.  Quite why I waste my time on such trash, I can’t say, but one minute I’m idly flicking through channels, the next I’ve seen someone wallpapering and I just need to stick it out to the end, to see how it all turns out.


These programmes all have their take on the makeover, such as helping a family recover from tragedy, sell up to move on to a new life or maybe they just throw in some artificial jeopardy like; we must finish this house in 60 minutes!  (Why, what’s the hurry?  Would 74 minutes not be better?  Or maybe a few days so the whole thing doesn’t fall apart the moment the film crew leaves?)  Nevertheless, the aim is always the same.  Take something you have, give it a lick of paint, move it around a bit and it might make you feel a bit better, change your life or maybe just look on what you have with fresh eyes and appreciate it more.

new front

So Candi’s Dog have gone for a makeover too.  Not of themselves, of course, (such work is surely unnecessary) but of this very site.  If you were a fan of the old website we can promise you that there are no extra features whatsoever on this one.  For the casual browser we have our live dates, music and videos.  For the more serious fans we have reviews, the blog, lyrics and a rundown of who played what, where on our recordings so you can spend hours exploring the hidden depths of Candi’s Dog (assuming they are indeed hidden, rather than just absent).

Simple changes, maybe; but they do say a change is as good as a break.  And if you’ve been taking a break from Candi’s Dog, or just fancy a change; check it out and see what we’re up to.


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