Recording Again

Summer has seen Candi’s Dog back in the studio recording our new single and EP.  I say studio, I really mean Matthew’s shed and, believe me, there are few things less conducive to creativity than being trapped in a sweltering hot shed with two other sweaty people you already spend far too much time with.  We couldn’t even use our innovative door shaped air conditioning unit (patent pending) due to the risk of unwanted noise on the tracks.  It’s not that we mind a certain level of ambient noise from a lawnmower or passing seabird on our EP, just with the current high level of legal action over song-writing credits we couldn’t afford to take the risk. The last thing we need is to be pursued by a litigious seagull chasing his royalty payments.

Not appearing on our new EP

Many times we’ve been asked at gigs “can I buy the CD with A Light Has Gone Out on it”, and we’ve had to disappoint.  Such has been the response to this particular song it was the obvious choice for our next single (out on 3rd October!) and title track of the new EP along with ode to the New World Sailing For Hobart from our current set.  Also on the EP are three as yet unperformed tracks; folky ballad and double-negative laden Don’t Think I Don’t Care, vertigo inducing To The Top Of The Tower and the difficult to describe ‘cause we haven’t worked out what we are doing with it yet Let’s Get Lost Again

All this recording has meant Candi’s Dog have been absent from the stage, but if you are missing us there’s always our previous two recordings to listen to and you now have the option to purchase a physical CD with cover art rather than one of those invisible download things.  Check out for more details.  The new EP will be ready at the beginning of October and we’ve added some new dates around the UK for the Autumn.  Hope to see you there!

NEXT LIVE PERFORMANCE – 30th September, Old Cinema Launderette, Durham City, UK



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