Radio Blah Blah

“Listen to the radio, and you will hear the songs you know” screams Robbie Williams in the chorus of his 2004 UK number 1 song Radio. If you don’t know the song, I urge you to avoid it at all costs; nevertheless Mr Williams makes a valid point*. When you listen to the radio you do hear the songs you know. Sometimes you’ll hear songs you don’t know as well, so he’s half right there; about 50% right I would say. And then there’s the adverts and the talking, so actually maybe only about 35% right. Nobody’s perfect I suppose.

This is just one of the many songs about radio which attests to the continued influence of the medium into the 21st Century, (or in the case of some songs a way of currying favour with DJs). Of all the ways of listening to music, this piece of cutting edge 1920s technology has survived the challenge of the video age and seen off LPs, reel to reel, compact cassettes and will probably still be around when the CDs we were promised were indestructible are rotting in the ground.

Having carefully examined the history of radio for the last 90 years, Candi’s Dog have now decided that the medium has proved itself sufficiently to justify us dipping our paws in the water and we are proud to announce our RADIO DEBUT! We will be appearing on Radio Prudhoe between 8pm and 10pm on Wednesday 3rd December alongside the fabulous Jen Stevens and the Hiccups. We’ll perform a 30 minute live set followed by a fun packed and bound to be informative interview.

For the 99.9999999999999999% of the world’s population who do not live in the Prudhoe area, don’t panic! You can hear us live over the internet at

And don’t forget if you think radio is only there to ‘hear the songs you know’ you can ‘know’ our songs in advance by listening here

*To be fair he could be making a very profound statement about something or other of great importance, but I couldn’t bring myself to study it in enough detail to say.


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