Took a Short Diversion

Took a short diversion to Perryville
He didn’t have a reason for being there
There’s nothing when he left and there’s nothing still
Only memories and despair

He left the car and walked off along the street
He didn’t have a reason for being there
He scans the faces swiftly of all he meets,
For familiarity

And carved upon a fence he saw his name
Wished he could take the carver, begin again,
Who saw things much more clearly
He wished that he could do the same

He came a upon the place he once called home
Where screaming as he came, he met this world
He’d have screamed much louder,
If he could know what I now know

From the EP Candi’s Dog

Written by Stephen Justice, Daniel Slee & Matthew Slee
Daniel SleeDrums, Matthew SleeClassical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals,
Stephen JusticeLead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Bass, Melodica, Mandolin, Jaw Harp


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