New Adventures in Hi-Fi

I’ve often wished after watching a great film or reading a great book that I could wipe my memory and enjoy it with fresh eyes and ears, be surprised once again by the plot twists and shock endings and be left with that warm satisfied feeling all over again. Little did I realise that actuallyContinue reading “New Adventures in Hi-Fi”

Must Be Funny, In A Rich Man’s World

“Who writes your songs?” we are often asked at gigs. “We share songwriting credits between us” is the simple answer and sometimes this is enough. Sometimes not though and we are then asked, “but who actually writes your songs”. OK, so I’ll tell you, but first a cautionary tale. In our last blog I gaveContinue reading “Must Be Funny, In A Rich Man’s World”

Our New EP and the Mangled Spuggie

Right, first things first let’s get this out of the way: We promised you an album in August and have given you and EP in October; what’s that all about? Well, we could say ‘what you going to do, sue us?’, but with several wives, children and tea merchants dependent upon us for financial supportContinue reading “Our New EP and the Mangled Spuggie”

I love you Ricky!

This week the topic of our blog is love, and there is no greater love than that between a man and his guitar. Ricky was not Stephen’s first bass guitar, he’d learned the ropes on a cheap try-out guitar, but by age fifteen, felt it was time to move on. Week after week he’d trawlContinue reading “I love you Ricky!”

Took a short diversion

We’ve added a new ‘lyrics’ section to the blog so, if you are interested you can see what Candi’s Dog are going on about. The lyrics will be there ‘warts and all’ and contain crap lyrics which were rushed off in five minutes and those where real thought was involved; where the nuances of eachContinue reading “Took a short diversion”