A Light Has Gone Out

Autumn and early winter have seen Candi’s Dog touring around the UK promoting our new EP, A Light Has Gone Out (listen here).  It looks great in the diary, all these new places to visit, but when asked by a friend who was familiar with the town what I thought of Frome, Somerset, all IContinue reading “A Light Has Gone Out”

A Place in the Song: Home or Away?

I had the misfortune to be ill recently; nothing serious, but enough to confine me to the house. As the saying goes the devil makes work for idle hands, and I found my hands had switched on daytime TV and selected A Place in the Sun: Home or Away from the assorted trash on offer.Continue reading “A Place in the Song: Home or Away?”

Took a short diversion

We’ve added a new ‘lyrics’ section to the blog so, if you are interested you can see what Candi’s Dog are going on about. The lyrics will be there ‘warts and all’ and contain crap lyrics which were rushed off in five minutes and those where real thought was involved; where the nuances of eachContinue reading “Took a short diversion”