Once Upon A Time In The Car

Candi’s Dog have had a busy few months gigging around the UK, and we’re glad to have a little time to put our feet up and enjoy the summer weather. Naturally we put a lot of work into preparing for these gigs, but increasingly these days it seems we spend more and more time preparingContinue reading “Once Upon A Time In The Car”

Candi’s Cat

Regular readers of this blog will know that we try to use it to give more detailed answers to questions we are asked at gigs. One of the more unusual questions was ‘Do you own dogs, then?’ This one we were not prepared for. Indeed, it would never have occurred to me to ask ifContinue reading “Candi’s Cat”

Money, Money, Money

With the close of the financial year looming, I will soon be mired in the tedium of working out how much we have earned from our music. My feelings on completion of this task can be summed up in two questions: “Is that all we earned?” “Why do we even bother?” I’m reminded of aContinue reading “Money, Money, Money”