The Long Weekend

After a prolonged pandemic absence from performing, Candi’s Dog returned to the stage at Harewood House last week.  With our last gig so far in the past we were a bit uneasy, wondering if we could still play (or if we ever could), but rather than dip our toes back in the water we wadedContinue reading “The Long Weekend”

Must Be Funny, In A Rich Man’s World

“Who writes your songs?” we are often asked at gigs. “We share songwriting credits between us” is the simple answer and sometimes this is enough. Sometimes not though and we are then asked, “but who actually writes your songs”. OK, so I’ll tell you, but first a cautionary tale. In our last blog I gaveContinue reading “Must Be Funny, In A Rich Man’s World”

We Must Have Faith In Spring

Despite the Arctic winds which are sweeping down on my little corner of England as I write this, I am pleased to celebrate the start of spring. Though I witness the passing of the seasons year on year, I never lose my fascination with this simple phenomenon caused by quirk in Earth’s axis. While summerContinue reading “We Must Have Faith In Spring”