Sailing For Hobart

Fell out of bed, and looked around
And felt the grey skies on my head
As the rain washed down the blackened street
It seeps on through, into my soul
The grip of cold is all I know
I just cannot stand it anymore

So I’ll go, far from here to show
The grass can be greener
Greener than grey for sure

So I’m sailing for Hobart and I’ll leave this all behind
And I won’t look back, ‘cause there’s nothing there that’s mine
Can’t think of reason why I’d want to stay here

Walk by your door, along the road
Won’t be knocking on that anymore
I have lost and I’ll be bowing out
The flame of hope and all I know
Will be extinguished by the winds that blow
My ship out of the harbour mouth

Such regrets, I’ll toss them overboard
Can’t think of something,
Something they are good for


Venus shines out through the overcast skies
Down under and here
Maybe there is a reason why


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