I Couldn’t Ask For More

I’ll be with you when you go away,
When you’re back I’ll remind you of the things that we’ll do,
When were old and grey, then you’ll look away
It’ll be something that you’ll say to me then and now
I could only rely on the things I know but when it comes to you
I rely on the things that I don’t.

The time I spent alone that year
I put down to good experience.
Its not like it’s made me a better man
But it’s only made me wiser still
Being here brings me up and down
I couldn’t ask for more.

Sometimes I look at life without a care
Its only yesterday that taught me how to be who I am
When it seems that nothing else could go my way
I look at you, you look at me
Is it this that draws me home every now and then?
I couldn’t ask it more

I couldn’t ask for more
When you see me when you’re walking through the door

From the EP Trees

Words and Music by Stephen  Justice, Daniel Slee & Matthew Slee
Stephen JusticeLead and Backing Vocals, Bass, Melodica, Daniel Slee Drums, Percussion,
Matthew SleeAcoustic and Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals


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