Spring 2021

The green shoots of spring are well and truly peeking through the soil and we very much hope the same applies to the covid situation in the UK.  There’s little we can say about the awful last year or so that has not already been said more eloquently by others, but we very much hope the friends of Candi’s Dog are well, and that the people who think we are crap are equally well.  Spring for us means a return to live performing and we have our first gigs in ages at the end of this month.

For people who make their money from the arts lockdown restrictions have been especially difficult. There are those, however, who have risen to this challenge and channeled their ingenuity into new areas, skilfully utilising the tools of the internet age to reach out to their audiences.  It will come as no surprise to those who know us that we do not fit into this category, and we have been a bit quiet over this period.

As has been discussed in previous blogs, Candi’s Dog as a collective are surprisingly devoid of technical (or even basic life) skills and are not well suited to online only music.  We did try, of course, but never really got the hang of it, not so much proving that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that a stupid one can’t learn any.

For us, there is no substitute to proper live music.  We have missed you all dearly.  The people who have come back to see us again and again; the people who came to see the main act but enjoyed our show anyway; the drunk people who bought a cd and will look at it with puzzlement when they pull it from their coat the next day and even the people who pay no attention to our music whatsoever, so distracted are they by the pressing, burning, existential question “Are those two twins?”

So finally, we’ll be out an about at food festivals, racing festivals and non-specific festivals around the UK.  Check out our live dates, we may be near you soon (but not too near, obviously), and we hope to see you there.  And for those sceptics who think that all of the above waffle is just an excuse for our idleness we may have a CD shaped surprise for you very soon….


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