I Couldn’t Ask For More

It’s strange when you finally decide it’s over; that enough is enough; you can do no more, a line has been drawn and you need to move on. Not the end of Candi’s Dog, of course, but of our recent recording sessions. The final mixes have been agreed on, artwork signed off and the whole lot sent off to the manufacturer. Months of meticulous planning and performance, arguments about how loud the melodica should be, debates about whether that tuba solo suits the song and what the correct pronunciation of envelope is, gets distilled into a shiny 4 ½ inch package.

Trees recording - Daniel
Recording Trees.

Recording is a strange affair. Live performance is all about the present moment; creating the right mood and feeling. If we get that right, then our audience leaves happy and nobody worries if the drums came in bar 8 instead of bar 4 or notices that the singer pronounced envelope ‘onvolope’. Recording is different. Unlimited overdubs allows us to add all of the things that we can hear in our heads, but which three chaps on a cramped stage can’t always deliver. It allows us to experiment and try out new instruments and effects. So on our new single I Couldn’t Ask For More and EP Trees, we have tried to do all this while still retaining the essence of our live act.

Have we achieved this?

We’d like you to be the judge. Firstly check out the new music here. Next come and see us on our new tour. Then decide.

We’re very much looking forward to our new tour. We’ll be dropping in on Sheffield and hopefully seeing some old friends from our previous gigs in the area. We’ll be heading to some new places too such as Winchester and Bedford in the Southern counties. And believe it or not, for a band based so close to the border, we’ll be performing our very first Scottish gig in Edinburgh, a city we know and love, but have never brought our guitars to. We hope to see you there!

If Candi’s Dog aren’t performing near to you, keep checking our live dates, as we’re sure to be adding new dates to the tour. And if you want to let us know what you think of the EP, just send us an e-mail or stick your thoughts in an onvolope and send it to us.


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