Once Upon A Time In The Car

Candi’s Dog have had a busy few months gigging around the UK, and we’re glad to have a little time to put our feet up and enjoy the summer weather. Naturally we put a lot of work into preparing for these gigs, but increasingly these days it seems we spend more and more time preparing the playlists which we listen to on our travels. In the beginning, we just kept it simple; “Pick ten songs each”, but these days to make it more interesting one of us picks a theme for the playlist which we all have to follow. Now, rather than getting a good night’s sleep before a long journey to a gig, we are up late trying to think of songs to fit the playlist theme, impress our fellow band-mates and stop us from falling asleep at the wheel because we spent all night looking for songs to stop us falling asleep at the wheel.

Regular readers will know that ever since I couldn’t think of anything to write about one week in October (see A Place In The Song and Took A Short Diversion) I have had a keen interest in place names in songs. So, when my turn came to pick the playlist theme, I jumped at the chance and picked ‘Songs with a place name in the title’ as our theme. By strange coincidence we were debuting our new ‘place name in the title’ song, Sailing For Hobart that very evening and you can see us warming up with it backstage at Manchester Academy in the video below.

We ended up with a very enjoyable playlist that helped the miles fly by.  Some controversy was created by Daniel’s choice of Once Upon A Time in the West by Dire Straits on the highly tenuous grounds that the nearby village of West Auckland is known just as ‘West’ to locals. We’ll forgive his blatant abuse of the rules, however, for choosing what I think is the best song of the playlist, Simon and Garfunkel’s gorgeous The Only Living Boy in New York. If you don’t already know this song, I would encourage you to check it out, along with the full playlist below.

View from Midtown Manhattan, facing toward Lower Manhattan
New York, New York (So good it features in 4 of our song choices)

If you’ve any ideas for our future playlists, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

NEXT CANDI’S DOG GIG! – Friday 31st July – The B Festival, Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK  Facebook event


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