Candi’s Cat

Regular readers of this blog will know that we try to use it to give more detailed answers to questions we are asked at gigs. One of the more unusual questions was ‘Do you own dogs, then?’ This one we were not prepared for. Indeed, it would never have occurred to me to ask if The Beatles liked creepy crawlies, if The Decemberists performed at other times of the year and if W.A.S.P. really are, (although there’s probably no need on the last one). For anyone who doesn’t know the origin of our name read this, but like a faithful hound we will jump to your command and answer the question asked.

None of the members Candi’s Dog own a dog. For Matthew and Daniel, this would seem to be due to practicality, while Stephen doesn’t understand why you would willingly bring a filthy animal into your home (though he is open to invitations). If pet ownership was the criteria for naming our band, then Candi’s Cat would, in fact, be more appropriate.

Marty enjoying the music of Candi’s Dog.

It would seem the cats of Matthew and Daniel are ever present at our practices and recordings and despite the band being named after their canine foe, they do seem to love us. Obviously they haven’t told us so in actual words, but they seem very happy to hear our music. Daniel’s cat Jess, for example, listened to me recording for our last EP for a couple of hours sitting just a foot away on a bright patch of sunshine. And Marty, Matthew’s cat, couldn’t keep away from us either and kept clambering on the warm mixing desk as we recorded. Their contribution to the creative process of music making is admittedly limited, but their continued presence is a vote of confidence in our work which we very much appreciate.

So there you have it; keep those questions coming. And if you doubt our popularity with cats, test it yourself and play our music for your feline friends. Maybe your human ones too.


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