I Want My Candi’s Dog!

Candi’s Dog like to move with the times. Not necessarily the times we live in, but even glacial movement has to get somewhere eventually. As you may recall, in December we took our first tentative step into the world of radio some 70 years after its inception and with the same sense of urgency we now plunge headlong into the world of video just 33 years after the launch of MTV.

MTV revolutionised the music business in the 80s and 90s and of all the changes in popular music over the recent decades this was the one I have liked the least. For me music is and should be primarily an auditory art form. I appreciate that it has never been purely so, ever since one of our distant ancestors decided to wiggle slightly in time with the bits of wood they were hitting together but, music should create its own images, its own colour, feel and emotive response. I don’t need to see a tear slowly roll down Sinead O’Connor’s face to know that Nothing Compares to You is a sad song.

If you can’t be bothered to read the rest of the article, our YouTube channel is here. Just click on the doggy.  (He won’t bite)

Back in the heyday of MTV I remember friends raving about a particular music video, and asking if I had seen it to which I would reply angrily “No. Did you even listen to the song! Tell me about the song behind the video! I don’t care about the fast cars, the CGI graphics, man playing guitar on top of a cliff, lightning striking, rain-pouring down drama on-screen! ” I never get asked this anymore, possibly because the music video is less dominant than it used to be, or perhaps because I no longer have any friends. Maybe I should’ve lightened up a bit about the whole music video thing.

And I have heard it said that the rise of the music video has made it harder for ugly people to make it in the music industry. Whether or not this has harmed the career of Candi’s Dog is hard to say, but gym-toned-teeth-straightened-manicured-well-groomed-men we are not. Still, times have moved on from the slick commercial video to the age of the untalented amateur with a mobile phone and a billion views on YouTube. At which point Candi’s Dog thought, ‘maybe we could do that’.

As you will soon see, probably not actually, but for what it’s worth we have now launched our YouTube channel! At the moment all it has is the songs from our recent EP, but soon we’ll fill it up with live tracks, song demos, interviews and who knows what. And so we add video producer to our list of people we need some (cheap or free) help from. Preferably a forgiving one willing to overlook my youthful trashing of their art form.

CLICK HERE to visit the Candi’s Dog YouTube channel!


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